YESTERDAY, Contact Family Counselling Centre (Contact FCC) ended a three day workshop for sensitizing both parents and teachers on child-rearing skills, at Lobengula Primary school in Makokoba.

The workshop is one of those that are conducted by Contact FCC as part of fulfilling its vision of counselling and training community members.

The workshop was held in Makokoba because it is one of the localities that have high rates of crime that include child sexual abuse, armed robbery at times resulting in murder and other criminalities.

The District Education Officer (DEO) for Mzilikazi, Misheck Ngwenya, who was present on the last day of the workshop, expressed his wish to conduct such workshops in all schools that are in his region and in peri-urbans.

“I wish such, parents and teachers workshops, were held in all schools in Bulawayo and other parts surrounding the city, as they educate the community on parenting skills, said Ngwenya the DEO.

Among the participants were the headmistress and deputy, the member of staff, School Development Committee (SDC) members, Bulawayo United Residents Association (BURA) representative, Residents Association chairperson, Scripture Union, Justice for Children Trust representative, Beyond 2015 as well as parent’s representatives.

According to Contact FCC training officer, Talent Gutu, it is important to engage all systems that are in the community when conducting such workshops because they have a role in nurturing children.

The participants acknowledged the relevance of the workshop as they are able to see that teenage delinquency is as a result of poor parenting skills.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Contact FCC for the services and training, which they offer to the residents of Bulawayo and other surrounding areas,” said Joseph Ngwenya the SDC chairperson for Lobengula primary, as he was giving vote of thanks.

by Pelagia Bhebhe, follow us on twitter@contactfccbyo, like our facebook page Contact Family Counselling Centre

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