CONTACT Family Counselling Centre (CONTACT as it is popularly known) was founded by a group of professionally trained counsellors and interested individuals in 1993. It was registered as a PVO in 1997 (PVO 6/97). CONTACT is a membership driven organisation and there are about 400 individuals who have become members of CONTACT over the years. The organisation is run by an executive committee, which is elected annually during the general meeting (AGM).

CONTACT offers a counselling service free of charge to members of the Bulawayo public who cannot afford to pay the exorbitant fees charged by private counsellors. Counselling is done by the counselling officers and a group of professional part-time counsellors at CONTACT’s premises and in several satellite centres located in the high density suburbs.

CONTACT also offers training in counselling skills to a wide range of health, social services and community workers through the one-year Certificate Course in Systemic Counselling (CSC).

  • Short courses in basic counselling and communication skills are offered to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and are organised in support groups.
  • Courses are tailor-made to meet the needs of organisations who have a special interest in counselling activities.
  • Supervision sessions and evaluation of counselling services are offered to interested organisations by arrangement.
  • CONTACT runs a special project that works with sexually abused children and their families (CSA) in a holistic manner.
    We also launched an awareness campaign in preparation of the World Day For Prevention of Child Abuse 2008: “Give a voice”.



There are fourteen full-time employees in the organisation: a director, a counselling co-ordinator, a counselling officer, a training co-ordinator, a training officer, a project co-ordinator (CSA), supervision officer, finance administrator, public relations assistant, administrative secretary, messenger and caretaker and a driver.

A part-time accountant is also employed. A pool of five qualified part-time counsellors is, also, supporting CONTACT counselling and training activities whenever needed.



  • To improve the functioning, mental health and coping mechanisms of individuals and families, by increasing awareness how the family functions as a system.
  • To reduce HIV infections by identifying risky behaviour and by working with individuals and couples in identifying alternative safe behaviour.
  • To empower women by supporting them in claiming their rights and in improving their economic situation.
  • To increase the community awareness of social problems and issues such as children rights and needs, satisfying family relationships and how to deal with stress etc.



In case you want to refer clients:

We are open everyday of the week from

8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Phone 09 72400

           09 881842

Cell    0712 629 303

and make an appointment
or just walk in.

Services are free


CONTACT’s counselling service is free of charge and only donations can be accepted. Although CONTACT undertakes serious efforts to raise funds by charging training fees whenever it is possible, it is still heavily dependent on donor funding to run its projects.

The main donor is MISEREOR which provides most of the funds for salaries and administrative costs.

CONTACT appreciates very much the cordial relationship with MISEREOR and the ongoing trust and support. This support was made even more apparent in 2005 when MISEREOR provided the funds for the premises that house CONTACT in Bulawayo.

Other donors have been HIVOS, which funded the purchase of our only car some years ago, and also provided funds for training courses and workshops on gender issues, child counselling, prevention of suicide and others. HIVOS is currently funding the project on “Basic Counselling and Communication Skills for People Living With HIV/AIDS”.

DED has also supported our training activities by providing funds for the purchase of equipment and part of the Training Co-ordinator’s salary.

Horizont3000 and EED are seconding two professional staff members.

The Bulawayo City Council and the Dutch organisation “Moments of Joy” and the Swiss Embassy have also supported us with small donations.

Stanbic Bank has generously supported our Counselling Service, following an armed robbery of one of its branches, where Contact counselled the emotionally traumatised bank employees.


If you want to learn more about our donors, you can click on the logos beside their names:


Misereor (Germany)

HIVOS (The Netherlands)

EED (Germany)

Horizont3000 (Austria)

DED (Germany)