CONTACT was founded to achieve two main objectives

  • To provide counselling for families and children in difficult circumstances
  • To train a broad range of health, social services and community workers in Systemic Counselling techniques


CONTACT is offering counselling in its premises at the city centre but recently is also operating in different suburbs of Bulawayo, offering counselling in a lot of satellite centres  Details can be seen here.



Programmes on offer

  • Short courses and workshops tailor-made on request
  • Consultancy and supervision for other counselling services
  • Certificate in Systemic Counselling Course (one-year course)
  • 3 day workshops for support groups of people living with HIV/AIDS in basic communication and counselling skills



Child Sexual Abuse Project (CSA)

In 2005, with the assistance of the Swiss Embassy we undertook a study about child sexual abuse. The results of that study put us in a position to start a project in 2007 offering a holistic service for the children affected and their concerned families.
We also participated in the “World Day Prevention of Child Abuse 2007” and launched an awareness campaign “Give a Voice”.
Details can be seen here.




CONTACT is a charitable organisation dedicated to serve the community.
Therefore, it makes every effort to secure funds from various donors in order to run its programmes. The counselling services are offered free of charge to the public. Donations are welcome in cash or kind.

For the training courses and the workshops, though, a minimal fee is charged depending on the duration and the type of the activity. Workshops for People living with HIV/AIDS are free of charge.

CONTACT nevertheless welcomes requests from service providers in all sectors, and is willing to negotiate reduced charges for a worthy cause.




As has been extensively noted above, CONTACT is actively involved in activities related to HIV/AIDS through counselling patients and their families and being involved in prevention through training and information dissemination.

CONTACT is offering basic counselling skills courses to people living with Aids (PLWHA) through the community support groups.